10 Everyday Products That Are Made With Slave Labor

Closeup of Cocoa Powder on spoon

Some companies are known mainly in their home territory (in the case of Marks and Spencer, that home country is the United Kingdom) while others such as Nike and Gap are brands that are staples in multiple countries worldwide. Furthermore, some companies have responded emphatically (for example, Nike) to accusations of sweatshop labour, while others haven’t responded nearly as quickly or as effectively. Whatever the end result is, it’s still a controversial issue in the sense that these workers get paid extremely minimal amounts of money and work many hours a week for the sake of designing the newest trendy pieces of clothing.

While some vegetarians or vegans will decline to eat meat for moral reasons related to the treatment of animals, even those who refuse meat are still buying many products on a daily basis that come from the wholesale mistreatment, exploitation, and abuse of not animals but humans. Many of the people who are exploited never even have a chance to sample or try out the luxury products they slave away for most of their lives making for us.

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