10 Major Clothing Brands Caught in Shocking Sweatshop Scandals

Clothing is something we buy when we either need it or when we are having impulses telling us to buy a nice shirt even if it might be a little more pricey than we’d like. But more often than not, we buy it without taking into account where it’s coming from and what kinds of people are making it. Unfortunately, many clothing brands tend to have their products manufactured in sweatshops in impoverished areas of the world, with young children found working in dangerous working conditions and with the factories they work in not being well-constructed.

Even more sad is the fact that so many big-name brands rely on the services of sweatshops in countries like Bangladesh to manufacture their clothes. However, many companies have been caught doing such practices and have suffered the consequences as a result. With this top 10 list, we’ll be talking about 10 of those major companies that have done exactly that, and the fallout they suffered after being caught.

Credit:- https://www.therichest.com

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