Eradication of child labor at source thru Zero Profit Nano Finance

  • Most victims of child labor are those failed by their parents & families who are very poor to earn a decent living. We, therefore, believe, the best way to get rid of this is to make it unnecessary for the security of the families
  • So in order to provide families with the economic, social and political security that would make it unnecessary for them to use their children to secure their future, they need help.
  • Welcome to our Zero-Profit Nano Finance Cooperative Initiative that lends micro loans/credits > $ 500 for Family & Women entrepreneurs, to avail low cost credit and create a sustainable income for the well being of the family so the child can continue to study at school.
  • The pay it forward cooperative crowd funding model that allows us to create a network of willing individuals who can sponsor a Zero Loss loan (that has no interest and only a minimal nominal charge to cover the cost of operating expenses) to local families that are familiar to them or guaranteed by us thereby relying on relationships and trust for ethical use of loan and repayment
  • You can join our network of nano lender or just donate to this cause