My Story

Manu Viswanath


Endless Dreams was founded by Manu Viswanath, a high-school student from New Jersey, USA in 2016. The organization helps educate, empower, and encourage children. The name represents what Manu wants children to have – Endless Dreams.

Manu was 13 when he visited his parents’ home in India. He saw children his age and even younger washing cars, cleaning tables and working other jobs for basic survival. These children were skipping school and were forced to find ways to earn money to support themselves and their families.

Manu teamed up with Arunodhaya, a 25-year-old organization in Chennai, run by Mrs. Virgil Swami. Arunodhaya focuses on rescuing street children and rehabilitating them in temporary shelter homes, and eventually in school. So far, 725 children have been taken off the streets.