Our Partner

Working from USA, Manu needed a field partner he could trust.  He visited many non-profit organizations working to help children in India – in cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Mysore.

Arunodhaya  – a 25-year-old organization in Chennai run by the selfless woman Mrs.Virgil Swami, stood out as a simple non-glamorous organization focusing on rescuing street children and rehabilitating them in temporary shelter homes and eventually in schools. It was a place where every penny received was spent on children and not on their corporate business needs or advertising.

Arunodhaya, to date, has saved over 7205 children from the clutches of poverty and street life. Considering the magnitude of the problem, Manu teamed up with Arunodhaya to bring together their field reach and likeminded individuals in match-making for sponsoring each street child’s education costs.

You can check out their amazing work here  http://arunodhayacentre.in/