What we do

We are a small group of people connected by the commitment towards changing the lives of as many street-children as we can, by helping kids escape child labor and get back to school. Here’s how we do it

  • Helping street children get back to school – We focus on educating one child at a time. We rehabilitate rescued children by integrating them with family, onboard them in school and financially support the children to continue school. Each of our member sponsor the education of one child till they graduate.
  • Helping poor families to ensure their kids stay in school – We empower needy parents with zero interest nano finance loans for small business in order to provide families with the economic, social and political security that would make it unnecessary for them to use their children to secure their future.
  • Creating a network of ambassadors and empower them with tools and resources to continue to increase awareness on the issues facing children and ways in which every one of us can contribute in some ways.